The Legacy of Shravan Kummar

Shravan Kummar Ramaswamy has crafted magic with fabrics for over 18 years; a coveted journey that began when he became the first and youngest fashion designers to emerge from the classical city of Hyderabad. A true-blue fashionista, Kummar is a craftsman who belongs to an emerging generation of research driven designers. Best known for the revival and reinvention of ecofriendly fabrics as well as unusual creations from unconventional fabric, Shravan Kummar draws his inspiration from the sheer volume and beauty of ethnic Indian designs that reflects an amalgamation of colour and texture along with class. His mantra for himself is, ‘’fashion is my religion’’ and he feels blessed to be able to ‘’weave magic through fabric.’’ Shravan Kummar’s philosophy is that Indian-ness is not about contrieved concoction of the diverse; rather it’s an effortless understanding of the divergent. And ‘Haute Couture’, ‘Pret-a-porter’ or ‘Mass Market’ fashion should be original, stunningly woven with structure and aesthetic craft with focus on comfort. Thereby making the brand SHRAVAN KUMMAR a commitment of cutting edge technology through years of unremitting efforts in research, luxury, class, wearability and comfort.

A Tribute to Weavers

Shravan Kummar looks at the quintessential fashion industry to accomplish the mission of Social and Environmental Commitment to empower poor families by generating employment opportunities and also by cultivating bio-degradable and ecofriendly products. In an effort to meet this objective, he has taken up the responsible initiative to promote handicrafts and workmanship from rural India – paying tribute to weavers, through “AN ODE TO WEAVES & WEAVERS’’, an annual show which showcases over a 100 weaves like the Phulia, Parsi, Srikakulam Khadi, Salem, Jamdhani, Paithani, Kerala, Kanchi, Gadwal, Pochampally, Dharmavaram, Mangalagiri, Venkatagiri, Uppada to name a few from the remotest locations of India every year. These are woven at a non-government organization called ‘The Society of Aalayam’ that Kummar personally chairs. ‘Aalayam’, not only succeeds in restoring various weaves of the country which are rapidly declining in their significance, but is also dedicated to bettering the lives of weavers in India. Every sari made here essentially uses organic fabric and is handmade by weavers. Through ‘Aalayam’, Ramaswamy has introduced many training workshops on weaving andembroidery while promoting micro-credit in the fight against poverty.